Professors are involved in policy, research, and advocacy – students are able to relate to these real-life topics and discuss in class.
Our Criminology program is embedded in Sociology – this is very important because understanding criminal behaviour, policing, criminal justice system from a sociological perspective is a huge asset in the job market.
A variety of specializations, including various STEM options for students who are interested in this subject but want the practicality of a business education

What Will I Learn?

Understanding legal structures and the organization of the criminal justice system from historical, sociological, and legal perspectives
Appreciating the respective roles of various governmental, community, and social institutions with regard to regulation and policing
Assessing the effectiveness of diverse methods of law enforcement/behaviour management as it pertains to the prevention and reduction of criminal behaviour

Explore Your Opportunites

law enforcement officer
Border service
child and youth worker
social service and community agency consulting

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