PHYS 1310: Introductory Physics for Life Sciences II

This course is a continuation of PHYS-1305 intended for students interested in the biological or health sciences, or related disciplines. The topics covered include wave motion, sound, electricity and magnetism, light, and an introduction to topics in modern physics involving the life sciences such as the quantum nature of radiation and its interaction with biomolecules, high energy radiation and radioactivity, and the statistical treatment of data. (Prerequisite: PHYS-1300 or PHYS-1400.) (3 lecture hours per week, 1 tutorial hour and 2 laboratory hours every week.) (Antirequisites: PHYS-1410.) (Open to students in Human Kinetics, Forensic Science, Bachelor of Arts and Science, and all programs within in the Faculty of Science; exceptions only with the permission of the Head or designate.)