COMP 2057: Introduction to the Internet

Students will be introduced to the Internet as a global information infrastructure, including the development of early and current communication protocols and services, packaging of data, and data transmission. Fundamental concepts of and tools to support Internet browsing through concepts of Universal Resource locators and Hypertext Markup Languages will be included. Students will be required to publish a website on the Internet using HTML. Web page enhancement using JavaScript and other tools will be introduced. The functionality of electronic mail and bulletin board services will be introduced with hands on experience in sending and receiving information, automated title searching, and an introduction to organizing information to be accessible over the network. Technical methods of binary data transfer on analog carriers will be introduced and comparison of Ethernet and ATM fibre optic digital delivery will be discussed. In addition to lecture time, laboratory/ tutorial time may be scheduled as required. (Prerequisite: COMP 1047 or COMP 2067 or COMP 1400.) (May not be used to fulfil the major requirements of any major or joint major in Computer Science.) (3 lecture hours a week)